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Seeing double?
Did you notice the difference? Careful, it's subtle. eMachine manufacturers hope the similarities will push profits up as they ride Apple's coat tails all the way to the bank with their PC all-in-one internet ready models that pose more than a passing resemblance to a certain current Macintosh product.

Apple isn't laughing, however, and quickly slapped the PC company with a lawsuit. Apparently, those Mac folks can't take any "real competition."

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The Grand and Glorious Republic of Nickoslavia vs. Microsoft
Following hot on the heels of the landmark US Supreme Court decision, The Grand and Glorious Republic of Nickoslavia has announced that it has begun the formal process required to take Microsoft to court.

To quote a top level source in the republic, Microsoft's bullying tactics and monopolization of today's market is, "...really messed up."

Apparently, the topic has been well thought out in the chambers of top governing body of the Nickoslavakian state. All that's required now is the approval of the US government to release Microsoft documents and wiretaps into the "protective custody" of Nickoslavian authorities. A war crime tribunal from the highly controversial government may even require the transportation of a number of company bigwigs into the recognized territory of Nickoslavia which may include Mr. Gates himself. "For questioning," said the head of the Nickoslav Army.

No word yet on how the US will respond, but it's clear that Bill's problems are far from over. Legal and otherwise.


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