Sometimes you just can't hold it in anymore

     W2NEWS.COM SPECIALS I gotta put this stuff somewhere.

W2News.com Specials

Translation: all the stuff I don't want cluttering the main page.

W2News.com's Tribute to the Class of 2000
I thought I'd thank a few people, crack a few jokes, thank a few people, point out a few things, thank a few people.
By Harley

W2News.com Mirror of the WMHS 98 Shuttle Mission
Blasted deans, cracking down on Branden. Here's W2News.com's solution (re-printed with permission).
By Branden

For those nostalgia buffs, the very first w2.4mg.com page. Waaay before we changed over to W2News.com.
By McSneer


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