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     POKÉSOURCE DELAYED That's Branden For Ya.

Paolo announced that was supposed to be put up June 20, 2000. Unfortuanetly, there has been a problem.

Branden, the former owner of Ibutsu, has some vital scripting for (too my knowledge, it's Miva). On the Brand N Products BBS, Paolo asked Branden for the scripts, however Branden had to study for his finals, so he would have to fork the scripts over later. Yet here we are, several weeks later, and Branden still is keeping those scripts hostage.

Hurry up Branden, the Ibutsu fans cannot wait any longer!

     STRAIGHT FROM THE HORSE'S MOUTH: An Interview With Paolo Magayon.

As we all already know, Pokésource, the "sequel" to Ibutsu, is being made by Paolo Magayon, a former Ibutsu admin. is planning to be launched June 20, however a preview page of what it is going to look like is right here. Yesterday, I interviewed Paolo. This exclusive interview can only be found at and at the official The Pokésource Post website. The interview is below:

> 1. Where are you from?

SoCal (Southern California)

> 2. Do you like Pokémon?

Mainly the TCG, but the love of the game is starting to die...

> 3. How did you here about Ibutsu?

Ok... I'll make a long story short:

I first bumped into then Daniel Larsen's Pokémon Website (I think that’s what it was called... and boy did the site look like someone stuck it up their *** and then pulled it back out) through a search engine (interesting enough huh?) and a couple weeks later I guess Rob bought the site and then it got named Ibutsu.

> 4. Who hired you to work for Ibutsu, and when?

Another long story short... hehehe:

It all started with my spamming of GTO ads... Branden emailed me and asked if I had a website and I said no. So then Branden said that he'd make room on Ibutsu for the GTO. After the GTO section was made... I noticed that on MBRF (the Ibutsu admin area for those who don't know what it is) I had access to the DR and BBS admin. That's how I became the BBS admin... and that was also the time when security at MBRF was weak (good thing it was... or else I wouldn't be working at Ibutsu would I?) Then a couple days later I noticed my UL was set to 3... so of course I asked Branden why it was set at 3 and he told me it was so that Spade, Deckard, and Darkon (back then there were only 3 other admins besides myself) would screw around with the GTO admin area.

After that I asked Branden if I could get access to MBRF admin... then I got complete control of Ibutsu... mwawawawawa!!!!! Err.... that was kinda long.... oh well.

> 5. Do you know any of the former Ibutsu admins personally? If so, who?

Nope... and I'm glad I don't... I think they are all a bunch of crackheads and wackos..... jk

> 6. What was your occupation at Ibutsu?

BBS admin and site manager and part-time DR and the only source of comedy on Ibutsu.

> 7. Did you like your job?

Of course who wouldn't? :)

> 8. How long did you work at Ibutsu?

Between 6 and 7 months.

> 9. What did you think of Ibutsu?

I think it had great potential and it was a great community.

> 10. How did you feel when you knew that Ibutsu was going to be shut down? When Rob and a few other admins spammed it?

I felt angry and I cried to my mommy... jk.... that's actually a good question though... I didn't believe it at first and when I found out it was actually true I got really errr...... angry.

> 11. What is your favorite Ibutsu memory?

Yelling at $Man.

> 12. What gave you the motivation to make a "sequel" to Ibutsu?

Hmm... the ability to, the want to, and I wanted to keep the Ibutsu "community" together. :)

> 13. How is Pokésource coming along?

Branden is still holding my scripts hostage... otherwise everything's goin' great.

> 14. Are any of the former Ibutsu admins going to be working there?

Not that I know of... but its' MAYBE likely.

> 15. Do you think that PS will indeed be just as good or better than Ibutsu?

Of course it will!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you for your time, Paolo. Can't wait for to come!

For all you Ibutsu fans, your prayers have been answered. I am also planning on interviewing Rob and Branden, and maybe a few others. On an unrelated note, is officially up, but it will be probably moving to a different server either later today or tomorrow. Don't worry, it'll still have the same URL.

     INTRODUCING... THE POKÉSOURCE POST! No, it's not Wastemont this time.

This is the first official "The Pokésource Post" article. The Pokésource Post is a new news program brought to you by Dr. Psychic. The Pokésource Post will bring you excellent news on the former, and the soon-to-be McSneer has so kindly given the services of to host this wonderful new resource. However, unlike services like Jewnet, we will bring you information on mainly one main topic: that of and

These articles can also be found at the soon-to-be So ladies and gentlemen, sit back, relax, and start to read The Pokésoruce Post!

The PokéSource Post

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