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     WORLD NOW TO END MIDNIGHT DEC. 30th! Catholic monks screw up again.

A startling discovery earlier this week has created an intoxicating air of stupor over American scientists and mathematicians. Apparently, when Roman Catholic monks under the supervision of Pope Gregory changed the calendar in AD 325, they didn't fix every problem. They forgot to add the year zero! While this certainly sounds like old news, it's causing some new problems.

You see, in the current calendar system, in order to correct for our 365.25 day solar year, one day is added onto the end of the second month of every fourth year. The trouble caused by the forgotten AD 0 is the fact that if the leap happens every fourth year, then the year zero itself would have been a leap year. That means that nearly two thousand years ago, we lost one day! That doesn't seem like much, but that means that Y2K is really coming the midnight after December 30th 1999, not Dec. 31st!

I wonder if anyone's gonna tell Dick Clark?
Ol' Greg himself
Pope Gregory speaking to a scribe.

"Roman Catholic," and "Gregorian calendar" are registered trademarks of The Roman Catholic Church of Vatican City, © 1999.

     HAPPY HOLIDAYS Enjoy it while you can.

"Happy Christmas" and "Merry Hanukkah" to all. It's here again, that wonderful time of the year that brings family and friends closer to our hearts, and to our wallets.

But before you start throwing allusions of Scrooge and "the ghost of Christmas past" my way, just step back and take a look at what Christmas has really become. Far from the celebration of the birth of the Savior of the World, Christmas has changed into just another commercial holiday that has Americans running to the checkout counter. Fueled by the overwhelming passion to "out do the Jones'" American spending during this holiday season is supposed to easily dwarf anyone's rosiest expectations.

All of this on the virtual eve of the end of the world.

But speculation aside, just what kind of message is this sending to the children of America? Is it true that we "Gotta catch 'em all!" and buy as much as possible before the eventual destruction of humanity as we know it? Or do we just sit back and have unfounded confidence that everything will just work itself out (PG&E must be fully Y2K compliant by now, right)? Maybe it's that we just don't care.

The Boondocks
Either that, or we just can't seem to ever have enough material things. To quote from the December 19th Boondocks, "...the approaching shut-down of the world's economic and power systems is... nothing compared to the wrath of an unsatisfied wife on Christmas."

The Boondocks is a registered trademark of Aaron McGruder, © 1999. "Gotta catch 'em all" is a registered trademark of Nintendo Ltd., © 1999. PG&E is a registered trademark of Pacific Gas and Electric, © 1999.


The World Wide Web Consortium

HTML is a fickle thing. The blood and bones of webpages everywhere does have the tricky habit of totally reinventing itself every so often. And, while changes are inevitable over time, even expected, what happens when different companies start making up their own HTML tags? How do we, as sane people, sort out all this madness? Well that depends on who you ask. According to certain multi-million dollar companies the answer is simple. You create a world wide watch dog to oversee HTML standards. Right?

Wrong. This country hardly needs the beuacracy that it has, much less another group of "experts" to throw on the dog pile.

Why, may I ask, must we all bow to the wants and desires of the W3C? Why must we worry whether or not our flavor of HTML conforms to their ideals? Shouldn't HTML be a matter of one's own personal preferrence? I mean, who are the W3C to tell us what's proper? How dare they regulate who and who can't use their crappy little "Meets HTML 4.0 Standards" buttons?!

They shan't.

I propose a new standard. A new way of thinking about HTML. I call it,

"Who Cares?"

To commemorate such an occasion, I will have to make my own "HTML 4.0 standard" button for you to affix onto your websites (and rest assured, everyone's site is accepted). However, that would actually require a bit of effort on my part, so its not for tonight. Besides, I don't think I can run my free internet service and Photoshop at the same time with only 16MB's. Maybe tomorrow.

W3C is a registered trademark of W3C (MIT, INRIA, Keio), © 1999.

     JEWNET DOES BeOS And this is just the beginning.

Many are unaware of a relatively new operating system known as BeOS. A few might have heard it mentioned in such places as the Microsoft Anti-Trust trial, and in various technology magazines. However, few have tried to truly consider using it as an alternative to Windows.

Jewnet Wire Services has recently switched several computers over to BeOS, so they are available to provide an accurate description of its good and bad points. Keep in mind that the comparisons with Windows are made with Microsoft Windows 98.
As you can see, the workers of Jewnet can't spell.
  • Booting: BeOS boots much faster than Windows. Also, BeOS does not require you to reboot almost constantly like Windows. Software installs, driver upgrades, hardware installs, all of these do not require a reboot. Additionally, we have never had BeOS crash on us, at least yet.

  • Navigation: BeOS has the familiar desktop user interface common among so many different operating systems. However, they have made several improvements not found in competing window managers. Windows does not offer multiple desktops, where BeOS does. BeOS also uses a unique method of window management that Jewnet WS has not seen in any other program. However, one pitfall of the BeOS GUI is that you can not drag windows from one desktop to another, as you can in GNOME and other UNIX Window Managers.

  • Command Line: BeOS offers a fully functional command line interface. What this means is that BeOS can be completely run via a terminal, similar to the various UNICes. Windows offers a primitive command prompt that uses DOS, and MacOS offers none at all.

  • Application Support: BeOS has extremely little application support. However, Be has set up BeWare, a BeOS software website where one can find applications for almost anything. However, much of this software is open source or shareware, making larger companies shy away.

    Another step Be has taken against the lack of software are the programs bundled with BeOS. Included in the operating system are such programs as a Web Server, Video Camera adapter, TV Tuner, even programming compilers, as well as a host of other simple but necessary applications that with Windows or Macintosh would require scouring the internet to find.

  • Errors: To date, Jewnet WS has had no errors with BeOS. Where a Macintosh application might crash giving some bizarre error number, or the Windows explorer might simply decide to stop working, BeOS seems to be free of such bugs.

That is Jewnet WS' testimonial towards the usage of BeOS, a very powerful operating system with a high outlook towards success.

Courtesy of
Jewnet Wire Services

Be, BeOS, and BeWare are registered trademarks of Be Incorporated, © 1999. GNOME is a registered trademark of The GNU Network, © 1999. Macintosh and MacOS are registered trademarks of Macintosh Corporation, © 1999. Windows and Windows 98 are registered trademarks of Microsoft, © 1999. Unix is free (Geez, how many trademarks can Branden invoke in one sitting?)


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