Sometimes you just can't hold it in anymore

     I JUST GOT A LETTER! The day turns a new shade of wierd.

Time on the Internet Well, I just returned home from work, and what do I find lurking in the bowels of my mailbox but a letter from a Mr. "Guy Cox" informing me of his disdain with certain elements of W2News.com.

Because I don't have a letters section (quite frankly, there isn't a need for one right now), I have decided to post his... well, interesting point of view right here on the main page. Here is the letter in its entirety:

I want to thank you for being helpful in warning the W2 audience as to any coming disasters. I believe it is necessary but not during a show that I am trying to tape. I arrange my evenings on Mondays so I can tape every show. I don't understand way you can't broadcast the warning during the commercials? We are the paying costumers how by the products which we see on a show that we have picked to watch from all the other stations on TV.V. I believe you should be more considerate of your watchers. I would appreciate a response from someone who has the authority to make changes, or is making the decision to keep it the way it is. Thank you Guy Cox

You're welcome, Guy. What can I say? I live to serve... though I have no idea just what it is on God's green earth you're talking about.

McSneer on 7/18/00.

     MAGIC MEANS MONEY! My plan is finally falling into place...

Magic Manufacturing Well now, as the majority of you already know, I've finally broken down and gotten myself a job.

That's right, Tuesday was my first day of work. That is, structured work, anyway. I've never really had a "paycheck" type job before; instead, I've always just done odd jobs for my dad, or made company websites... stuff like that. I've never been on a payroll in the past. It's a totally different experience, let me tell you.

You've got to understand, I could never picture myself in a cubical, before today.

Anyway, I now hold down the data-entry position at Magic Manufacturing. It's a machine shop, which means they cut and mold metal into peices and parts for certain types of machinery; I think they build semi-conductors, or something. The work's kind of boring, but it pays pretty well. And I can now say with utmost certainty that I have joined corporate America!


However (and I want to make this very clear), this does not void my "hard layed" plans from the past. I do still eventually want to become a graphic designer, this should just be a stepping stone toward that career. Just take a look at Magic's website right now. Granted, it may look better drunk (I'll have to e-mail Nick about that one), I'm pretty sure that all I've gotta do is get in touch with the right people, and I may be able to correct this monstrocity. But, for now, data-entry is the order of the day.

I get my first pay check in two weeks, and my first purchase is gonna be one of those scrolly mice. I've got one at work, and it's become almost impossible to live without one at home now. Argh! It's like an addiction! Blasted Microsoft and their "innovation."

McSneer on 7/15/00.

     IGN64 MOCKS DOLPHIN/STARCUBE It's kind of shoddy, actually.

Dolphin/StarCube Speculation Well, because everybody else is doing it, and because I haven't really said anything about it lately (okay, about anything, lately), I have decided it's time for W2News.com to start in on some compulsory Dolphin/StarCube speculation!

See, ever since Nintendodolphin.net was forced to change their URL to Nintendose.com (Nintendo copyright issues), the rumor's been that Nintendo might stick with the name Dolphin for the long haul.

An interesting possibility, I suppose, but I like StarCube better. For those of you who are scratching your head and saying, "StarCube?" (Branden), I've included this small bit of information: StarCube is a name that Nintendo of America has registered with the US Patent/Trademark Offices. Thanks to this wonderfully written detailed look into the Trademark databases by Tendobox, we have seen just how similar the StarCube patent is to the Nintendo 64 patent. What this means, is that StarCube is most likely the name of Nintendo's new console. You know, the one they've been trying to keep under a cloud of secrecy all this time. I really like the pit'chures :)

You can try a Boolean Search through the Patent and Trademark Office Databases if you'd like to attempt to uncover anymore Nintendo secrets. I suppose there's some pretty interesting stuff in there; if, by interesting, you mean stodgy, hard to understand, double-sided lawyer speak. Y'know, whatever rows your boat.

But what I found much more interesting was this article in IGN64. Although IGN has been known to pull stories right out of their innermost bowel regions (and this time is most likely no exception), the avid Nintendo fan can read some very interesting information into what they say. Apparently, the proprietary DVD format that Nintendo's been promising since the beginning is going to be somewhere around the size of a mini-disc, whilst allowing a spacious 1 to 2 GB's of storage. I guess Nintendo is trying to learn from Sony's problems (namely Bleem), and preclude any chance of burned disks ruining their software sales.

Of course, the real reason that I clicked the link was to see IGN's mock up of what the Dolphin controller is supposed to look like (taken from information from Nintendo Second-Party developers). Now, remembering such horrible rederings as the NUON controller, I went into this with lowered expectations. But I have to say that I do like IGN's second design (the first one is ridiculous).

Hopefully some of this crap is true, but I'm not keeping my hopes up. I guess we'll find out when Space World rolls around in August.

McSneer on 7/15/00.

     MCSNEER FAILS MISERABLY Um, try the link again, Fred.

The evil W3C Well I've learned HTML, which is more than can be said for our good fiend McSneer. I learned HTML mostly by accident. My family and I were waitning around in the terminal for our flight to Honolulu, and I walked into a book store. I picked up HTML 4 For Dummies, and read. My mom came over with financial books and said, "You want to buy that?"

I said something like, "What? Oh, I guess"; the transaction was made.

The book itself is funny and informative (although it left out attributes for the body tag, go figure) and I read it the two weeks I was there. Between those pages I read about the W3C's (yes the W3C that we all love and respect) HTML vaidator. It was too good to pass up. My only regret is how long it took to bring this news to print.

I navigated to w3c.org (it's on your start-up page, right?) and typed w2.4mg.com into the address field and pressed enter.

Ladies and Gentlemen, 138 errors.

You can check out all 138 of those beauties at the following addresses:

I'm not going to even check his css, for fear of losing my lunch.

Frederf on 7/12/00.


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