Sometimes you just can't hold it in anymore

     W2NEWS.COM 28TH POST SPECTACULAR! Far too many typos for my taste.

W2News.com 28th Post Spectacular!
That's right, ever since the quiet debut of w2.4mg.com in November of last year, we've been slowly stockpiling content up to the wazzo. Driven by the simple wish of entertaining the masses, and giving off those priceless "BS" vibes, we've done our part to help put hope back into the heart of all redblooded Westmont veterans. To think, it all began with a ScanPort ScanModule clip art CD and a few bad jokes. Well here we are 8 months, 245 bad jokes, and 112 articles later...

Not much has changed.

Though accosted by certain individuals and perhaps given a bad rap by a few nameless buffoons, w2.4mg.com soon found its way onto many search engines, and into the world of NameZero domains, as well as accumulating a few decent affiliates along the way.

This has been guys, now keep it going. In an effort to make this a more informal occasion, I invite you to post your own opinions/memories/favorite story/suggestions/whatever on the 28th Post Spectacular Thoughts topic in the W2News.com Message Board.

McSneer on 6/26/00.


Well, here I am again, 1:54 a.m. "What the heck are you doing up so late?!" you ask? Why looking for the most obscure and pointless (read: frightening) Nintendo webpage designs that the internet has to offer, of course!

Nintendo of Japan Well, at least that's what I ended up doing. Y'see, as I was looking through Rare's weblinks, I began to seek out all the Nintendo sites in the hope of finding one with which I could replace the sagging Nintendorks. Well, I didn't find a new NDork-ish site (I guess there just isn't such a thing), but boy, what I did find "Makes me as mad as squirrels in a blender!" (inside joke, sorry).

Because I know that the more perceptive of my readers have already scanned the image at above-right, I'm just going to save time by not trying to describe its ugliness. Instead, I'd just like to point out one disturbing fact: This site, though bearing an extremely close resemblance, is not some horrible Angelfire page built by a depressed twelve year old; this site is not a cruel joke put on by a couple of color-blind geeks; this site is not even an amateurish try at "My First Nintendo Website."

That at least would have been respectful.

No, in actuality, this wretched pile of horse manure also doubles as the Nintendo of Japan corporate website. This is supposed to officially portray the greatest of video game companies to the rest of the world?! No wonder they lost the console wars, they've gone fruity.

McSneer on 6/26/00.

     MR. PANTS 2000! What can I say? It was 2 in the morning.

Mr. Pants 2000 The Time: 2:00 a.m.

The Place: Nintendorks Chatter

The Situation: Extremely bored.

Awaiting the coming of daylight is a genuinely strenuous task. Not only do you have to be curious, you have to be completely dedicated and determined. For some reason, eyelids just get heavier after you break the a.m. barrier. One way to pass the time is to spend a little of it on the NDorks board. Now, I know what you're thinking: Nintendorks?! Well, the thing is that nobody was here at my board, so I was looking for something to do.

Mr. Pants 2000 And find something I did. Whoo boy. One of the misguided threads drew my attention to a new game starring the RareWare mascot, Mr. Pants! Right here you can read all about some new "groundbreaking" video game making software that makes little crap games like this possible!

Mr. Pants 2000 finds you filling the pants on an epic quest that centers around the gathering of special items all the while dodging the more deadly items that are [literally] thrown at you. In other words, the same as every other Rare game! It's like Donkey Kong 64 all over again! Yess!!!

Actually, I was kind of impressed by this little game. Understand, please, while it's not the greatest gaming acheivemant known to man, it's animated pretty well. And it includes more in-game speech than most N64 games on the market while weighing in at less than a meg! Let's see Perfect Dark do that.

You can read the FAQ, or download the game. It's only 936k compressed.

McSneer on 6/25/00.


Squick.org Doing my normal daily perusing of the internet, I came across something at the ever changing Squick.org that brought a smile of satisfaction to my face.

Though, generally, Squick's narf is choosy about the words he uses to detail his more outrageous plans for world domination, today he finally let something slip; something we here at W2News.com have been waiting to hear for a long time.

It seems, after all these years of strife and apologetics, Squick.org has finally come to the realization that:

"...McSneer was right..."

Pulled out of context? Maybe. But that's okay. This quote still stands proudly as a living testament to the absolute "rightness" of the writings here at W2News.com. But also, most importantly, those that I call my own. Yep, we're "right" as rain here at good ol' W2News.com; and that's pretty dang "right." That's "right," you heard it here first, folks.

McSneer on 6/25/00.

     WHAT MAKES A SPAMMER TICK? One can only imagine...

Ibutsu Memories Well some of you ibutsutonians may remember the name, Vampiro. I was him and after awhile I finally admitted that I Rocket X was Vampiro. Why did I do such a thing? Easy, because I was having a hard time at school. I was (and still am) an outcast. I took out all my frustrations on the poor people of ibutsu. I did it because I enjoyed seeing people pissed off. I enjoyed it because I was playing both sides and it made me forget all my cares in "real" life. And it gave me somewhat of an adreniline rush seeing what I was going to do next while I left everyone clueless. Sometimes though a spammer spams because they are against another persons opinion. i.e. Fans League Against Pokemon and me taking over their chat because they hated pokemon and I didn't. Most time though it is because they want attention and they feel that is the only way to get it. So maybe next time you see someone spam you should think twice about calling them a [insert swear word here]. Maybe you should!!!

Try making friends with them and they'll eventually open up. As what happened when Cutiebunny made friends with me and I admitted who I was. Yes I'll admit they act like [explative deleted] but beneath that they usually are good people only looking for attention. And yes I will admit I was an [explative deleted] for doing the whole Vampiro thing.

[McSneer's Edit] And how! Oh, I don't know what I'm talking about. *sniff* [/McSneer's Edit]

Rocket X on 6/25/00.


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