Sometimes you just can't hold it in anymore

     IT'S WHAT I BEEN SAYIN' TSC causes more enjoyment than normal.

Happy Birthday TSC! Well, in case you've been living under a rock for the last few days, or you've been in Hawaii (blasted Frederf), the team over at Brand N and the cronies of TSC kind of had a little "war" going on. It started when Branden posted something about their "lack of common sense," and then blossomed from there into a hilarious, madcap adventure spanning three whole websites. Rather than spending anymore of your time babbling, let me just quote them:

"...you have hurt nobody Sneery....you're just amusing us...and we have nothing to lose by humiliating you."
TSC main page

Instead of wasting my breath in trying to come up with a new and refreshing way to refute what they have just said, I'd just like to point one thing out to the members of TSC. Isn't this the point? It was never my intention to hurt anyone. No, from the get go, this entire website has been geared toward "amusing" someone; namely, me. I have tried, sometimes in vain, to create a humble little corner of the web that does its part to cater to those who would like to waste their time reading the great and eternal BS. I also encourage others to submit their own ramblings and join me in this valiant quest. We're all one big happy family; if my site helps you guys get more hits/members, then that's fine with me.

If you get the joke, then laugh and move on, if you don't get it, save me your Sith threats. And that's the last time I'm going to write about this matter.

So now, to create a bit of comic relief, I'd like to point out that my cat just farted. Good night everybody!

McSneer on 6/24/00.

     THOSE THREE FATEFUL WORDS And they sure ain't "I love you."

Get a Job Well, here I stand at the crossroads. The door to one part of my life has been closed forever, yet another lays wide open, its contents ready for the taking. Through this door I am left the choice between two avenues with two respective options: those of work and/or college. As is the case quite often, I'm not sure which way to go, and my immediate family and friends are no help. No matter how hard I try to avoid it, I am constantly being hit with the same three words. "Get a Job!" my parents say, waking me for a late lunch. "Get a Job!" my youth pastors say, smiling earnestly. "Get a Job!" a blond lifeguard says, wincing from her still fresh sunburn.

It's extremely maddening. I've no sooner left the confines of public high school, that now I'm being offered another chance to sell myself to the highest bidder. Work screams loud and clear as I realize that my wallet is thinning more and more by the day. Nay, by the hour.

That graduation money is only going to last so long, you know.

And anyway, that still leaves me where I began. Sure, I'd love to have a little extra cash. I mean, who wouldn't? But the fact remains, to do that, I have to get a job and start saving money. That is if I want to ever go to college, get married, and/or have a "normal life."

Now, I know as soon as I actually get another job, I'll love it. But for now, I just want to have the freedom to sleep in when the mood strikes. The thought of wanting to have to get up at 8:00 a.m. seems insane to me right now. I don't know what it is... I'll probably get over it.
Below: "Yes, I love my job. Now if you'll excuse me, I have to beat up some perps."
Yes, I love my job.

Manual labor all the way.
Above: "If you ask me kid, manual labor is the way to go. Oh, that's gonna leave a stain."

Either that, or work swing shift. I just haven't decided yet.

McSneer on 6/24/00.

     NICK IS STILL ALIVE! Onlookers shocked.

Here we are, one week since walking away from Westmont high school forever, and not much has happened on the home front. However, not all is normal: much to my surprise, the Grand Exalted Poobah of the Grand and Glorious Republic of Nickslavia, Nick Sanders, has been found to be alive and kicking. In an amazing display of personal commitment, the Dutchman has quietly scrabbled out chunks of news onto his personal website for almost five (non-consecutive) days in a row!
Nick may still live
Nick may still live.
Chester the Cat Now, I know what you're thinking. This just isn't like Nick. I mean, an update, in less than a week?! It truly boggles the mind. I thought much the same thing, but it's true. We here at W2News.com would like to take this opportunity to drudge up yet another seemingly unused character from the past to comment on the situation. Ladies and gentlemen, Chester the Cat!

Chester: Meow.

Thank you Chester. My sentiments exactly.

McSneer on 6/22/00.

     I GUESS TSC CAN'T TAKE A JOKE Or they still stink, one or the other.

Brad N Products For the last few days, a war has been raging on the usually calm waters of Brand N Products. It seems that ever since the first article posted by Branden that blasted the Sith Council for their lack of common sense, a chain reaction began. The little buggers decided to "strike back," so Brand N met their attacks. Swayed again, TSC decided to come at Branden in full force, causing another answering blow.

Disrupting such normal activities as Branden "spilling milk on himself twice in five minutes," this attack by the members of The Sith Council has been met with an enthusiastic rebuttal by yours truly. You see, each time I reloaded Brand N, I was met with yet another Sith fallacy to combat. Having just been given posting privaledges, I was forced to reply. It was all in good fun.

But then somebody had to go get their feelings hurt. So, for the benefit of those more... well, vulnerable Sith, I apologize for making such rash comments on Brand N. It was intended to be a big joke, so get over yourselves.

On a side note, Branden never included a "Delete Post" function into his news program. Now that mistake I made will live forever. Let's all point and laugh at Branden's Miva mastery.

McSneer on 6/22/00.


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