Sometimes you just can't hold it in anymore

     W2NEWS.COM, THE COLLEGE YEARS Cancelled first week.

W2News.com, the new class As McSneer guards his amonimity above even his ignorance and Cheetos, I will refrain from using his real name (assuming you don't know by now, you're not that bright, and dumb people are dangerous *ahem* Westmont).

McSneer has taken that over-dramatized step out of the messed up scholastic world into the equally messed up "real" world [nothing, "real" about it]. McSneer has devloped a limited, but devoted (unless we ever have something to do *fat chance*) [cliche]reader fanbase[/cliche]. I assume [=SUM(ass,u:me) hehe], that he will continue to work with the community he tapped until we're all old and gray (read: 37).

Eventually, I'm going to have to let go. I will cross this burning bridge when I come to it. I might get a girlfriend (they're having a sale! j/k) then you can all just go to hell; before that, I love you all.

Next year (or already if you wanna be technical) I'll be a senior, 365.2416 days untill I'm releashed on the world (I don't stand a chance). And my brother, Matt (ironic, n'est pas?), will be a freshman next year. God help us all.

[McSneer's Edit] I'd just like to point out that Frederf is the only one to seriously fill out the iMac vs. eMachine survey I conducted so many moons ago. Congrats, Fred! As well, I just saw a possum walk across my roof... that counts as participating in real life, right?[/McSneer's Edit]

Love is a registered trademark of Hallmark Inc, © 2000. Ignorance is a registered trademark of Westmont Dmb, © 2000. Messed up is a registered trademark of all those messed up people, © 2000.

Frederf on 6/17/00.

     SQUICK'S BACK TO IT'S OLD TRICKS Back-stabbing is an art.

Squick.org If you hadn't noticed, for the last few hours, Freeservers decided to take a crap on itself again. For some reason they thought it would be neccessary to replace my normal old ascii text "index.htm" with a blank binary file. As is the custom, the good folks at Freeservers also made sure their servers spewed out a banner ad onto the top of the page, insuring their pocket change continued to flow. Of course, as a fringe benefit, this left W2News.com without a main page for a few hours.

Now, as everyone knows, a sudden downtime here at W2News.com could never be truly complete without an attack by the famed Squick.org; today was no exception.

Fresh from his graduation ceremony, narf dropped his diploma on his bed, wiped the sweat from his brow, and quickly scrabled out another article in an attempt to deface W2News.com's otherwise stellar reputation. After raising the possibility that I may have made a "major screwup," narf then went on with a shocking accusation of poor Otaku, claiming that the former-Ibutsu president was responsible for hacking "into another website."

Once again Squick has shown how low they will stoop to heap on the content, and once again we are dismayed and appalled by such behavior.

McSneer on 6/15/00.

     I'LL KEEP THIS BRIEF Time to party like it's 1999, except it's 2000.

W2News.com There's two things I'd like to draw your attention to right now. First off, you are now listening to a successful graduate of Westmont High School. THE NIGHTMARE IS FINALLY OVER!!!

Secondly, there is a new link in the right side bar called Specials. This is where I'm going to cram all the stuff that just doesn't fit on the main page. If you'd like, I'd appreciate you giving it a click. The first special I want to draw your attention to is W2News.com's Tribute to the Class of 2000. You know who you are.

McSneer on 6/15/00.


Westmont High School Sorry for the lack of stories the last few days, though Frederf was holding up the fort pretty well (notice I only said pretty well). You've just got to understand, Westmont has decided that it would be fun to cram its 400-some odd Seniors into two "single file" lines reaching from the stadium floor to "wherever it ends" in order to practice for our graduation ceremony. As if it we hadn't waited in enough lines over the years (picture taking, schedules, yearbooks, lunch lines, etc.), the school administration felt it neccessary to form one more line as we attempt to leave the hollowed land of Westmont. Yes I am aware that I spelled "hallowed" incorrectly, read the sentence again.

Now I suppose this is not that big of a deal. In fact, I guess I could even choose to force myself to accept this as required practice to insure a great graduation for all; the final step to make this ceremony as memorable as possible. But somehow this just reminds me of the many problems I've encountered throughout the years here at Westmont, all involving the incompetence of one staff member or another.

Ranging from the very first day of my Freshman year (when the counselor tried to force me to take P.E. though I had signed up for J.R.O.T.C.), to the very first day of my Sophomore year (when the counselor tried to force me to take P.E. though I had signed up for J.R.O.T.C.), my time at Westmont has been an excercise in redundancy.

I first became aware of this disturbing trend in the middle of my Sophomore year. See, when I was a Freshman, we were forced to take three compentancy tests to determine how... well, competant we were in Reading, History, and Mathematics. We had to recieve a passing grade on these tests in order to graduate from this fine "institute of learning." This was not a problem; so believe me, it is not boasting to say that I easily passed all three the first time through. So, needless to say, I was a bit surprised to find out that I would be forced to take these tests again, in my Sophomore year, regardless of whether or not I had already passed them. Arrrrgggghhhh!!!!!

I could go on and on about Westmont's screw ups, but it's getting incredibly late and I have to go to sleep so that I can wake up ready to turn a few darker shades of pink standing out in the blazing sun for three hours tommorrow. Which kind of brings me to the reason that I wrote this article to begin with:

Branden, if you're reading this the morning of June 14th, I am begging you to drive your car to school today. I really do not want to walk home after grad practice, it is far too hot.

Once again, drive your car; please Branden.

That is all.

McSneer on 6/14/00.


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