Sometimes you just can't hold it in anymore

     MINDSPRING HAS SPRUNG 56k is for losers.

Time on the Internet I remember that day a few years back, when I pleaded with my mom to sign on to the fast, new service: 56K Dial-up! She held out for several weeks, quoting how "unnessecary" internet access is. Man, that's funny right now.

She then signed with an unknown ISP, Netcom. A few year of good, solid service down the line, good ol' Netcom didn't even see it coming. Huge conglomerate, Mindspring (just guess what their logo is) swallowed Netcom with out even chewing.

Thus, it begins.

Time on the Internet Time on the Internet You probably have already looked at the pictures. Yes, I've done all tweaks. Yes, I'm smart enough to know I didn't overlook anything. Sadly, yes, I'm payin $20.00 for this. I have a new ISA 56K (V.90) modem, installed and upgraded to V.90. I'd have a PCI card, but Compaq wishes to maintian their empire, so they leave out AGP sockets and incorperate an IRQ error that lumps all PCI devices to IRQ11 (of 15 total). This means I can't upgrade video either. Guess I'm stuck with my 4MB ATi All-in-One video card for now (which I've over clocked [hahaha] ) Whee.

PacBell (who's frequent "losses" of service are unprecidented; hell, who needs a dialtone?) and Mindspring have joined to basicaly screw me in both ends (graphic, but accurate).

DSL is my only saving grace. It will deliver me. At $35/mo. ($20 ISP + $15 extra phone line), the switch to the $40/mo. DSL is a Westmont (i.e. no-brainer). Unfortuneately, being right smack in the middle of Bay Area civilization, it is, of course, unavailible.

But fear not! PacBell assures me that my state will be completely DSL covered by the end of 2001; Woohoo. I know from other experiences that I will be the second-to-last user connected (so I can't even say I was the last!) right after Bill the day-tradin' farmer.

[McSneer's Edit] It's times like this that remind us why we need Squick. [/McSneer's Edit]

Frederf on 6/12/00.

     JUST LOOK AT THIS MESS [insert vague sarcastic remark].

It has suddenly dawned on me the changes that have occured during the last few years to our beloved Internet. Some things have gotten better, others worse.

Over it's brief life the Internet has gone from a scientific disscusion tool to the pipeline direct from your pocket into and CEO's pocket.

The Internet is more that a big mailorder catalog (though not much). Sure the big money controls the Internet, but there's plenty of cool people that fall between the "My First Web Page" people and the "Huge Conglomerate that needs you money" people. You see, we're those weird little folk.

The warez isn't as good as it used to be, or so I hear. But cracking has improved. I'd also like to coin a new phrase: "Five-click discount". I mean come on, $800.00 for Photoshop?

The feature I enjoy is the possibility to reach millions of people who, fortunatley, can't reach me.

[McSneer's Edit: Um.. e-mail, you fool]

[McSneer's Edit] That was not the real McSneer. As well, I'd like to point out the fact that cracking is warez... or so I hear. Kids, say no to drugs.[/McSneer's Edit]

Frederf on 6/12/00.


In a stirring show of support. The Frederf supporters (All 519 of them!) showed up to Brand N's page to prove once and for all who's the greatest author of the Big Three.

Apparently, Branden's supporters were quick to log over 500 votes in his favor, but after the innitial spree, waters have calmed in Branden's camp. Frederf lobbyists waited for this choice moment to strike with their deciding votes.

Now Fred's at it

One has only to wonder when McSneer's supporters will spring into action.

In a completely unrelated note, Frederf will take a short break to recover from a potentialy terminal wrist strain.

Frederf on 6/11/00.


Surf of a nation Just off the British coast lies an island known as Sea Land, and, though it looks like a crappy converted World War II era anti-aircraft platform, it's actually its own independent nation. No, I'm not kidding.

And now, internet entrepreneur Shawn Hastings and his company, Haven Co., have turned the island nation into a data haven, where businesses can keep their computerized records beyond the reach of authorities. It's like a Swiss bank; only it's data, not money; and instead of offering a "possible" refuge for illegal activities, it offers a "probable" refuge for illegal activities.

Abandoned after World War II, Sea Land was initially taken over by Retired British Army Major, Roy Bates, in 1968. He declared the fortress a sovereign nation. He used it in a series of doomed schemes, ranging from a pirate radio station to, most disastrous, a college for the blind.

The island has a constant supply of food shipped in from the mainland, which is provided for free, as most places can't possibly deliver there in 30 minutes or less. But just what drew Shawn Hastings and Haven Co. to Sea Land, besides the ugliness and barren view of the North Sea?

Shawn Hastings is quoted as saying: "It's an environment where people put the least roadblocks in your way to run your business they way you need to run it".

He then added: "I also like to be able to urinate off the side of my country."

Frederf on 6/9/00.

     BRANDEN BRAVELY BOTCHES BIGTIME JewNet leaves us in the dust.

If you haven't noticed, Brand N Products has had a new poll up for the last two days. The subject you ask? Well, it's an honest attempt to gauge the most popular W2News.com author.

Brand N Poll However, for some reason the results of this poll here on the 8th of June seem a bit... I don't know... jaded to me. I mean, I had no idea that JewNet was that popular with our huge and diverse reader base. But how can the numbers lie?

I see now that Branden is undoutably the greatest author here at W2News. Why, beating both me and Frederf for the crown, well it takes a special kind of master of the english language to do that. Congratulations Branden! We're all very proud of you JewNet!

Oh yeah, hey Branden, here's a tip. Next time, give yourself a more plausable number of votes (something like twenty), then slowly build up the tally. 500 votes for JewNet in one night just screams "IT'S A PUT ON!"

McSneer on 6/8/00.


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