Sometimes you just can't hold it in anymore

     MCSNEER'S SAYIN' GOODBYE To Westmont, anyway.

Class of 2000
Well, having spent the majority of this Saturday afternoon creating a form of high school graduation invitation for friends and family (that's right, I'm waaay too cheap to buy 'em!), I've decided to go ahead and invite W2News.com's [huge] reader base as well. Yes, in just a few short days, I will have forever left that frothing den of stupidity known as public high school and be on my way into the vigors of real life here in the good ol' US of A.
So, if you're interested in watching me make my way across the stage to yank my diploma away from the fist of the establishment, I want to invite you to Westmont high school for my graduation ceremony. Attendance is free, but I have to warn you, seating is limited. As well, they've made it a policy this year to pat us down like common criminals before we don our caps and gowns, so there probably won't be any incidents involving heavy artillery. But one can never be certain, so it may be in your best interests to pack a few thermal detonators (that one's for you, Fox).

I guess you can chalk this newfound criminal treatment up to last year's "bomb-threat-a-week-a-thon." Westmont has decided to not take any chances this year, and we're not even allowed to have a set of keys in our pocket; lest we attempt to put someone's eye out, no doubt.

"Graduation is the only thing we can hold over your heads now, so you can be sure that we will," Westmont's Activities Director explained in my Econ. class, "So don't bring anything stupid and ruin your Grad Night." But can anyone please explain to me how a beach ball can be considered a lethal weapon?
Below: "Blasted kids... alright Bob, gimme your gun."
I knew it...
Have a Coke.
Above: "Ya' got all dis' sugar in your pockets... wha'd ya' do wit' da packets?"

McSneer on 6/3/00.

     TRIBUTE TO A CRAZY ASS Fox609 speaks.

Fox609's Message Board I trust you've all got to see the article Mr. "Frederf220" submitted that detailed Fox609's amazing EzBoard post count. Well, Fox took a break from slaving over his Crazy Ass Message Board, and responded with this:

That was very touching thanks you guys.. I didn't know I was close to 1000 posts until I was over so I didn't really want to draw a lot of attention to it... because that is what the 2000th post is for mindless attention! It was a slow news night on the 29th wasn't it? I am kidding. That was very nice... Now I have to go back to the past to save Jai Deliete from Sandra Bullok!

Rest assured, W2News.com will continue to report the truly goundbreaking news of Fox609's post counts, as well as over the top coverage of the continuing saga of an overly crazed Sandra Bullock.

She must be stopped at all costs.

McSneer on 6/2/00.

     THE FUTURE OF W2NEWS.COM A simple announcement.

Well, I have to say that I'm very surprised; and a filled with a new sense of urgency, as I see a few of you have stumbled onto the Submit-o-Matic. In light of this new trend, I thought I'd sit down for a second and lay a few things on the table.

First off I'd like to say thank you for your interest. I'd like to give special attention to you guys that have faithfully read each and every page on this little site since its inception. Your oftimes baffling devotion is a continual inspiration, and is the certainly the reason this part of the web exists.

Well, okay, I lied.

The real reason W2News.com is around is to serve as an outward manifestation of my artistic interests; showcasing the epitomy of my Photoshop experimentations and BS'ing skills. And I welcome you to join me in this noble venture.

However, and here's where it gets a little sticky, I simply cannot post every single "Hi. How's it goin?" type submission. To put it frankly, I am not interested in becoming a "glorified message board" of sorts, so I'm imposing a 100 word minimum on submissions. As Branden so elequently put it, "If it ain't at least 100 words, it's not worth reading anyway!" And it's such quotable quotes that remind us why we all appreciate Branden.

Anyway, if you would still like to contribute an article, please feel free. I love to read 'em, and chances are it'll most likely be posted. However, if you just want to talk a bit, drop a line in the Message Board. We've got some colorful people hanging around sometimes.

See you in the funny papers! :)

McSneer on 6/1/00.

     IBUTSU'S PAST... AND FUTURE Again I point you in this general direction.

As we all know, the almighty Ibutsu.com has been shut down due to financial reasons. Ibutsu.com was a Pokémon website made by Branden Frederick and Rob Pereyda, and in my opinion, it was the best Pokémon site. How about we learn more about Ibutsu? Let's take "The Great Ibu Journey."
The journey starts approximately one year ago in May 1999. That's when Ibutsu started. But back then, it was nothing like the legend it was when it died. As a matter of fact, Branden even admitted that it sucked. But then, Pogo of Go came along and gave the official Ibus some advice, and thus a legend began.

Now let's jump way into the future; all the way to when I first started coming to Ibutsu. When I first went there, my sole purpose was to find some Japanese translations for some of my Japanese Pokémon cards. But then I found the Deck Reviewer. The Deck Reviewer, or DR for short, was the coolest thing I ever saw. I won't go into detail about what it was, but it was basically a place where a person submitted a deck, another person reviewed and revised it, and then other people could come and post what they thought of the deck and the review. It just totally amazed me. After a while, I started to actually post some comments. At first, I was like any old poster, but then somehow, I got much fame and respect. From there, I went on to conquer the Ibutsu Bicker Board (or BB for short) and message boards, and then somehow, I found myself up with the big boys, like Rocket CuttieBunnie and Paolo, in terms of fame and respect. It was great.

One day, I was thinking to myself, when a thought came across my mind: write an Ibutsu story. Oh, the thoughts I had for it were surging in my mind. After I got everything straightened out with the story's storyline etc., I posted both on the DR and Discussion Board that I was going to write an Ibutsu story, and everyone who went to Ibutsu was invited to be in it. From there, other people starting posting stories, until the Discussion Board was flooded with them, and thus the Storyboard was born.
Ibutsu hacked again.
Ibutsu after the hack.
Life at Ibutsu was great. But after happiness, there is pain. Sadly, Rob wanted to stop being Ibutsu’s owner. He posted an article about it, but unfortunately, no one was serious about becoming the new owner. Then, all the money payments for the site got backed up. Ibutsu needed $600 to keep from being shut down, yet nobody forked it over. Sadly, Ibutsu.com was slowly but surely dying. To make matters worse, Rob, Branden, Matt, McSneer, and few Ibutsu admins decided to spam the site a few days before it was due to close, making it look sick and stupid. But it didn’t matter much. Ibutsu was officially closed April 5, 2000.
But luckily for everyone, I was there to save the day again. I remembered that a while back, I suggested that Paolo Magayen, an Ibutsu admin, to switch from the Simplenet message boards to ezboards. He liked the idea, and made the Ibutsu message boards into ezboards, however Ibutsu never took the Simplenet boards off their site, and so the ezboards were hardly known of and rarely used. Quickly I went to every message board and the BB and told everyone about Ibutsu’s "secret forums." Although not too many people took notice to it, they did when I reminded Paolo about it. He quickly posted about the "secret forums" on the top post of the BB and an article about it on the main page. These forums can be accessed by clicking here. Several of the Ibutsu big guys went, along with a few smaller people and official Ibus. Although it wasn’t exactly Ibutsu, it was as close as it could get. That is, until The Ibutsu Archives.

The Ibutsu Archives is a website that I made commemorating the (former) Ibutsu. It has news, pictures, and everything else you would ever want to know about Ibutsu on it. Branden even sent me a thank you article concerning those who went to Ibutsu, which can be accessed by clicking here. For a while, it was as close as you could get to Ibutsu. But then one day, Paolo said that he would make a "sequel" to Ibutsu, called Pokésource, which is supposed to be much better than Ibutsu. Although it is not opened yet (the URL of the site is going to be pokesource.net), a preview page of Pokésource can be viewed by clicking here.
The ever elusive PokeSource.net. <heavy sarcasm>Boy it sure looks "Better than Ibutsu!"</heavy sarcasm>

And that is where our journey stops. Although "The Great Ibu Journey" is slowly dying, it will never completely die. And besides, there’s always one thing that The Great Ibu Journey will have up its sleeve when it’s almost gone: The Great Source Journey.

Dr Psychic on 6/1/00.


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