Sometimes you just can't hold it in anymore

     GRAND OPENING OF W2News.com!! Now we have domain.

Well, it's been almost five months since the inception of w2.4mg.com, and far from the turbulent times of those early days, we now have a solid reader base (almost three whole people!) who have been with us through thick and thin.
But, as we all know, the winds of change blow without discrimination; w2.4mg.com is no exception.

So, to celebrate the last half year or so, w2.4mg.com has moven up in the world. That's right, the insane antics of w2.4mg.com have now found their way onto the NIC's hitlist! And now that the site has made the transition, remember to to W2News.com!

McSneer on 4/29/00.


Stuff happens. Every so often, every school administration has made a foolish move than can be forever remembered by graduating seniors as a monument to its stupidity for years to come. It's just a given. Well my friends, that time has come again; and I'd wager to say that this particular mistake has the potential to stir up gall in the minds of just about every graduating Westmont High school student. Now, of course, I'll be the first to admit, when it comes to Westmont screw ups, pickens are far from slim. Yet, even I was surprised by their latest display of blatent ignorance and blind censorship.

But let's begin at the beginning.

In the grand year of nineteen hundred and ninety-eight, Branden Frederick somehow found himself following in the footsteps of countless Westmont students before him in entering those hallowed walls of the Westmont High School Mission Control Room, which, coincidently, doubles as a poker/craps/roulette/drafting facility for the school's darker, seedy underbelly. Bravely he endured the mindless antics of science geeks gone insane, all the while fighting the pains of hunger and sleep deprevation. The complete log of his captivating and riveting experience can be found here... or, rather, used to be found there.

Branden Opressed Again
Why do they always have to pick on the little guy?

You see, the Westmont Administration, those same guys that have brought us such innovative and groundbreaking learning boosters such as the S.T.A.R. testing and block scheduling programs, have struck again. In a flagrant abuse of his power as a role model, the dean at Westmont has driven Branden to remove the said log from his Voracious Page. I guess Westmont doesn't want anyone else giving them a bad rap.

They like to save that kind of job for themselves.

Anyway, I have decided that it is in my best interest... nay, the best interests of my country, to mirror The Westmont Shuttle Mission Disaster Mirror here at w2.4mg.com. So, enjoy and remember: it's our right as Americans.

McSneer on 4/25/00.

     IBUTSU MAY BE POKÉ-DEAD! Ouch, that pun hurt.

The end of Ibutsu?

For almost a year now, Ibutsu.com has been serving millions of little Pokémon fans with what could be commonly called, "A glorified message board." And they've been doing it very well with scripts made by Branden that seem to stretch Miva to its proverbial limits.

But all that could change.

While taking my normal occasional perusing of Ibutsu's headlines, I realized that Rob, the guy who actually owns the site, has posted a shocking revelation. Apparently, following the same disturbing trend as Van Ben's stock simulation, Ibutsu.com is not doing so well in the money bags department.

I was kind of curious why the store never replaced its stock...

McSneer on 4/17/00.

     ANIME OD IS COMING! It's about time.

Anime Overdose on the rise.

Just to let you know that we're still working on it, Anime OD is on the rise, up and coming, and it's now over half done. Its more probably near two-thirds done actually. If you poke around, right now you can get movie descriptions for about half of the movies. Nick's working on a more complex ratings system, as well as the missing features such as Forum and Library, and Branden's working on making everything look nice.

Courtesy of
Jewnet Wire Services
"Wire Services that Aim for the Stars"

Branden on 4/14/00.


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