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     ULTRASONICS TARGET CRAZY BLACK MAN Welcome to the neighborhood.

Earlier today, while perusing the newly updated Squick.org, I came across something that truly shocked me. Matt had linked the story of a crazy man convinced of Secret Police armed with super sonic weapons.
UltraSonics - Undercover Racism?

UltraSonics - Undercover Racism?

Well, I just got through with the first article uncovering "the secret police force 'UltraSonics,'" and I have to convey my disdain. The story is full of far too many typo's to be considered genuine.

So, for the good of the community, I'm going to have to ask Matt to take this thing off his main page. It's actually so pitiful that it's disturbing.

Squick.org's new face.
Squick.org's new face.
After witnessing Squick's baffling color change to a yellow and purple scheme, the team here at w2.4mg.com was sure that the surprises were over. How wrong we truly were.

You see, here we are, two days after April Fool's Day and Matt still continues to slap togther a couple of links in an attempt to pass them off as content. Will wonders never cease?

McSneer on 4/3/00.

     SPLASH SCREEN WARS! It's been a slow news week.

Browser Splash Screen Wars
With so many different browsers to choose from, it's been extremely difficult lately to determine which browser is the best just for you. Well, we here at w2.4mg.com have decided to try to fix that by holding The First Annual Browser Splash Screen Wars!

That's right, the continual plea for your feedback has reached a new and disturbing low. Now, by wasting only a few moments of your time, you can add your opinion to the millions of others on the web today. Let your voice be heard and sound off for your favorite browser splash screen right now!

Welcome to the Board.
Posted by McSneer

Posted by 456456

Posted by McSneer

McSneer on 3/27/00.

     MOZILLA SHAPING UP Oh, the bitter taste of crow.

Let me begin by saying that I absolutely abhorr Netscape Navigator in any of its forms.

To me, Netscape Navigator sybolizes the very foundation of Browser Specific pages on the web today. Instead of focusing our HTML on what is best viewable in any browser we are forced to kow tow to the "great and powerful Netscape" to make sure that our web pages are viewable in the largest portion of corporate America. To quote from The Internet Business Toolbox infomercial, Netscape has become "The most popular web browser on the 'Net!" Trouble is, Netscape is not very accurate in its HTML accuracy.

Because of my disdain with Netscape, I have been overzealous in my crusade against the new Mozilla browser. I have been a bit jaded lately, but that can be expected. Netscape is the biggest piece of crap on my computer today, so I really had doubts about Mozilla swaying me over.

However, I must say, I am happily surprised. Mozilla has worked out most of its bugs and is now a very worthy web browser in its own right. As an added bonus, I love the splash screen.

If you haven't downloaded the newest nightly build, find it right here.

Also, I would like to mention that Opera has finally made it to 4.0 Beta 1! It now conforms to HTML 4 standards and is pretty dang stable, so get it now!

McSneer on 3/25/00.

     HOTMAIL TOO HOT? The first ever censored w2.4mg.com article.

By now I'm sure that everyone is aware of that mighty internet presence, Hotmail. Once privately owned, now part of the Microsoft Monopoly, what exactly makes it tick? Is it servers named rotatetheshieldharmonics.hotmail.com, is it the fact that it runs on FreeBSD, not NT (the server software Microsoft pitches), or does it simply boil down to cold-blooded murder?

While the researchers here at Jewnet sat back to contemplate, we made a venture over to their website. The researchers found it odd that Hotmail did not work with JewNet's latest version of Netscape! But imagine their surprise when they arrived at the logical conclusion that only cold-blooded murder could drive such a website!

Cold-blooded murder of our ethics! To JewNet's surprise, it was discovered that over 50% of the subscribers to Hotmail's service are old men trying to pick up other old men pretending to be 15 year old girls via email. The humanity! Other startling statistics show the unprecendented amount of pornography being sent around Hotmail members, as well as the lewd messages.
HotMail too hot?

However, despite all these facts, Hotmail categorically denies the findings of top paid researchers, and claims that their service is "the premeire personal web-based email service" for families. Hogwash, the lot of it. We know the truth, and now you do too.

Jewnet Wire Services
Your wire service with gusto!

Branden on 3/22/00.


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