Sometimes you just can't hold it in anymore

     GENTLEMEN, CONGRATULATE ME That's right, I've made it to the big time.

Ah, the fruits of my labor. It seems that my spamming of the Google index has finally paid off. After sending and resending my humble website's address, w2.4mg.com has finally been approved and added to the great and majestic Google. You can check out just what I'm talking about right here.

Apparently we were spidered in early February, but the URL has only been added recently. But now that it has, w2.4mg.com gracefully joins the ranks of millions of other websites on the information super highway judged worthy enough to be included on this exclusive index.

I guess it was Branden's link that finally pushed us over. Thanks again, JewNet! Now get off your collective butts and get some articles submitted here Pronto Tonto!

(Note: I am not attempting to be offensive toward any American Indians named Tonto, nor am I trying to be offensive to anyone named Tonto, nor am I trying to be offensive to American Indians in general, it was just a poor word choice and it will never happen again)

Whew, at least I fought the urge to mention Indians and scalping in the same sentence again.

McSneer on 3/21/00.

     LO AND HENCEFORTH! But soft, young Hamlet.

Hamlet, Prince of Denmark
Ah Shakespeare, another bane of my English high school career. I guess my real problem with these types of stories is their vernacular. I can't understand a lick of what they're saying unless I give the text my undivided attention. If I am trying to read through Act 1 scene iii and someone turns on the TV near me, the pages start fading into one big glob of crap.

I just can't take so many uses of the word "therefore." It's not natural! But I don't blame Westmont. At least not yet.

McSneer on 3/19/00.

     LINUX INDREMA TO OUST X-BOX! Same specs, same promises, different OS.

The Linux Powered Indrema
Yet another entrance into the 128 bit console race. I guess since Microsoft is moving into the console market all the other geek companies will follow suit. Now the race is looking like this (in order of slated release) :

Sega Dreamcast
Sony Playstation 2
Nintendo "Dolphin"
Microsoft X-Box
and the new Linux Indrema.

Sure, endless specs can become meaningless, but so what? You'll look anyway:


This one is going to be marketed similarly to the PS2. Only this time it's a Linux box that they hope will become the center of your entertainment library. Where does the madness end?

Indrema L600 is a registered trademark of Indrema, © 2000.

McSneer on 3/19/00.

     ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE MY POSTERIOR! NickNet B.S.'s through another one.

For each of us there is a time when we decide on just what we want to base the rest of our life upon. To some it is an easy decesion, their mind filled with a calm that knows no bounds. However, for the rest of us, it can be a journey filled with seemingly insurmountable obstacles. Apparently, the NickNet Senior Project has hit one of those bumps in the road, a big one.

You see, the Westmont Senior Project was designed to bring out the best in students. Each of us is supposed to gain a new level of expertise that will give us that extra edge when we fall into the all too eager lap of the working world. It should push us and drive us to better ourselves and grow in more ways than just academically. Typically students have been known to find interests that they didn't even know they had as they strive in a real life working enviornment.

Not so for the students of today, nosiree. Now we just cut and paste together any old generic piece of crap and call it a project. Which, of course, brings me to the newest addition to NickNet.

In my first experience with the NickNet Artificial Intelligence project, I was quickly captivated by its amazing hand-drawn images that seemed to evoke feelings from deep within the artist's soul... well actually, to quote, I can't believe he "calls this junk art."

Anyway, somehow through my deluge in the world of NickNet, I found myself in the very presence of wisdom itself, in the form of a smiley face. Needless to say I was shocked. Not because I had just come face to face with the incarnation of wisdom, but because I figured he'd be a little older. Known only as The Smiley Face of Wisdom ®, this apparition was a new addition to the usual NickNet fare and I was determined to use it to the fullest.
NickNet's AI
This smiley face of wisdom looks like it's advocating the use of hallucinogens.

I reached deep within the confines of the human psyche and tried to bring forth the most simplest, and yet most profound question I could find. Perhaps I could get a straight answer out of the very face of wisdom. I dusted off my keyboard and briskly typed in a question for it to answer. And then it happened.

The page reloaded and showed me... nothing! Absolutely nothing. Even my question was gone, the text field lay blank and meaningless. I choked back the tears and moved on. Why Nick?! Why cause such false hope in the masses?! Why?!

The Smiley Face of Wisdom is a registered trademark of NickNet, © 2000.

McSneer on 3/15/00.


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