Sometimes you just can't hold it in anymore

     I BOUGHT MY FIRST PLAYSTATION GAME My TV has now been defiled.

Mega Man 8
Well, I have now officially stood side-by-side with ranks of idiotic Sony fan boys. I fought the urge to own a Playstation long and hard through the last three years, and I won. Though I have sat in line with lazy eyed Playstation fans to get my memory card, I can still confidently say that I have not become a Sony-phile.

I can remember the days when I absolutely refused to purchase any Sony product, for fear that my patronage would serve to drive the final nail through the N64's coffin.

Having said that, way back in the Super Nintendo era, there was one company that seemed to dominate my cartridge collection more than anything else. One developer who's products seemed to spend the longest amount of time in my cartridge slot. That company was Capcom. During its peak, the Super Nintendo was graced with many of Capcom's hits, such as the Mega Man series.

Mega Man 1
The start screen from the first Nintendo Mega Man game I ever played.
However, after the SNES started to wane because of the new 32-bit machines, Capcom decided to jump ship and develop for the Sony console instead. Mega Man and Street Fighter were now Sony staples, and I would just have to get used to it, as a Nintendo loyalist.

I decided I would not spend an extra $150 on another console for just one type of game, so I had to go cold turkey. Capcom, you see, was the only reason that I would ever want to own a Sony Playstation.
Mega Man 7
The start screen from the last Nintendo Mega Man game I ever played.

Anyway, I have now gotten a Playstation, a whole slew of new games are within my reach. Ah the possibilities.

     I FINALLY GOT A PLAYSTATION Quite a bargin at $0.00.

Sony Playstation
After years of boycotting Sony, I finally broke down and got a Playstation. Well, sort of. I mean, Sony didn't see one dime of the purchase price; mainly because there was no purchase price. You see, Video Maniacs, a small video rental superstore in the middle of Campbell, finally went bankrupt. So, in hopes of turning a profit, the small business decided to sell off its stock.

My brother who, "Has the connections, man," was able to procure the said Playstation without a single monetary transaction involved. In other words, they'll never miss it.

Now I just need to get some games for it.

     POEM WRITING? I gotta do something besides Senior Project garbage.

Time on the Internet
I spent a little time on the Nintendorks message board yesterday, and some guy was asking for a bit of help in writing poems for a project that is due next Monday. I empathized with his situation, and I sat down to write a poem for him.

While it's not that great, and I'm not really a poet, I literally wrote this in three minutes. Needless to say, it's very surprising to me that it flows so well.

So anyway, Here's the poem.

I apologize in advance, I was just a little miffed by the results of these personality tests that I was forced to take in english class today. I needed to blow off some steam and let a couple creative juices flow. Again, I apologize. This will never happen again.

     IBUTSU BROKE! Yeah, quite a shock there.


Earlier today, the loyal readers of Ibutsu.com who tried to visit the site this afternoon were shocked and horrified as their beloved Pokémon fix was disrupted for a few moments.

Hoping to acheive their day's fill of Pokémon news, advice, and what-not, starved fans were instead presented with an error message of epic proportions. Oh tragedy of tragedies.

In an effort to find the cause of this madness, w2.4mg.com has met with high ranking officers in the local goverment. And now, after careful deliberation and analytical study of the situation, we have all come to a mutual conclusion. This problem can only be attributed to one thing...

Computer Hackers.
Ibutsu.com attacked.

That's right Ibutsu.com is just the latest casualty in the war that has now engulfed us all. Apparently the evils of the seedy underbelly of the computing world knows no bounds. That ominous group of evil bearded men in their forties who are to blame for every computing disaster known to man. From the latest computer virus, to the recent "hacking" of the CNN IRC server, all can be traced back to these lowlife criminals who have nothing better to do.

I don't know who you freaks are, but lay off Branden, would ya.


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