Sometimes you just can't hold it in anymore

     ALRIGHT, TIME TO DO SOME ACTUAL WORK I know, just bear with me here.

Westmont High School
After three days of fooling around with ISML scripting, I realized just how useful this stuff is. I've successfully changed the layout of w2.4mg.com so that it actually runs off three simple ISML scripts. The good news is that I can now edit every page with a single open/copy/paste/save sequence. The only problem is that now I've been spoiled; it's kind of like playing AOE2 with cheats enabled for the first time, you just can't go back. If I switch to another server, editing many pages at once without some type of simple script would be a pain.

Anyway, after my last scripting fest, I decided it was time to actually do some work for my Senior Project. That's where you come in. Now I need my entire reader base to send me some feedback. That's right, all three of you. I want your opinions on the end of the world and I want them now.

Now, be good little w2.4mg.com readers and hop on over to the craptacular (I don't know why, but I really like that word) feed back center, also known as the w2.4mg.com Message Board.

What's that link again, why it's right here. No, wait, now it's here.

Okay, I was just kidding, this is the real link. That tricky little bugger.


If you missed the Slashdot article (which I doubt if your name is Matt, Nick, or Branden), Mozilla has become the newest version of Netscape! I just wanted to say, I knew Mozilla was evil. But you refused to listen, all of you. And know you're paying the price.

Netscape 6.0... you know what this means, don't you? Mozilla won't ship without being ballooned to at least 40 MB's.

Its enormous girth will destroy its legs before it even gets a chance to run. Don't you see, its speed will be gone. Destroyed and impotent, Mozilla will fall by the wayside and be spat upon by the wonderous Opera. Hopes of an "Open Source Netscape" have now been quietly squashed. Mark my words.

Mozilla and Netscape are registered trademarks of Netcape, © 2000. Opera is a registered trademark of Opera Software, © 2000.

     HEY, EVERYBODY ELSE IS DOING IT w2.4mg.com officially decides to copy Slashdot.

A little while ago, Branden sent me an e-mail informing me that as well as keeping an archive section for past postings, I should also try to make a link list for all the post genres and topics (the genre's always at the above right, dummy). But I shrugged it off as a silly idea. It just seemed too Slashdot-ish.

But now that I see Branden succesfully copying Slashdot, and since I have begun recycling some images over time (Westmont, Nintendo, etc.), I figure, "Why not?" So in that vein, as well as there being a new link in the right bar called Topics, now clicking on certain images will take you to the craptastic link list, detailing all the posts that fit under that topic. Pretty neat, huh?

Well, humor me anyway.

( Read More... | 50 of 50 comments )           I couldn't resist.

     JEWNET IS NOT TAKING OVER No matter how much you wish it were true.

Jewnet Wire Services
Lately articles from JewNet Wire Services have become very prominent here at w2.4mg.com. The reason for this is that Branden has finally began to flood my mailbox with articles (which is great by the way).

Anyway, we here at w2.4mg.com are loking forward to a solid partnership with JewNet Wire Services that we're sure will be beneficial for all the parties involved (Wow, I can B.S. business style. That business portfolio is gonna be a cinch).


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