Sometimes you just can't hold it in anymore

     WHERE DOES THE IDIOCY STOP? That's right, I'm talking about Westmont again.

Westmont High School
Well, I just got my report card today. For the most part, the news was not surprising to me. But two things caught my eye.

1.     I earned a failing mark in the Work Experiece class
2.     There are two Work Experience Classes listed on my schedule.

Both of which induced the "What the heck?!" response.

You see, for the most part, I have gotten decent grades throughout my high school career. I don't enjoy seeing bad marks on my report card, so this understanably offends my eye. And while there may be some notable contradictions (Mr. Delaney was a fruitcake), I have consistently recieved well above passing grades during the last four years.
My report card [sniff].

So, seeing that I had flunked Work Experience was a bit distressing. This was only compounded when I realized, "Hey wait, I dropped that stupid class!" Apparently, the wonderful and inteligent (read: idiotic) staff in the Westmont administration have forgotten to remove me from the blasted thing.

Now I have to get this changed before June.

"Fruitcake" and "Idiocy" are registered trademarks of Westmont High School, © 2000.

     BLACK HELICOPTERS SPOTTED AGAIN Something's up in American politics.

Black Helicopters
Well, according to the John Birch society, unmarked black helicopters have made a comeback. Once again the US government shows that they no longer only want to control our lives undetected, they want to do it with style. Strangely, however, black helicopters are showing up everywhere; the failure to cover up the conspiracy can mean only one thing... it's an election year! And you know what that means?

That's right, it's that special time when all the weirdos come running out of the woodwork, just in time to score your vote. And... and... um... Alright, I'll admit it. This entire article was just an excuse to post the Al Gore photo I found in the TV Guide. Sorry.
Gore digs in.
Sorry kid, I just have to dislodge this sucker.

"Black Helicopters" is registered trademark of the United States Government, © 2000.

     NICKOSLAVIA - AMERICA WAR CONTINUES Peace talks break down again.

Nickoslavia Capital Building?
Possibly a look at the Nickoslavian capital building.
Correspondants from the Nickoslavian News Network (NNN) have informed w2.4mg.com that the tyranical leader of the Grand and Glorious Republic of Nickoslavia has vowed to maintain his previous refusal to sign any peace treaties with the US in a stunning press conference earlier today.

To the left is a photo of the suspected Nickoslavian capital building. Not much is known about the secretive Nickoslavian republic so it is difficult to be certain if this is truly the building or not.
Nickoslavian Residential Flats
Nickoslavian residential flats.
Very little has happened in the interest of peace since US officals froze Nickoslavian stocks on Wall Street last week. Indeed, the next few days are crucial to preventing war from breaking out between the small republic and the world's last super power.

For the most part, the Pentagon has spent its time seeking the leader of the Nickoslavian republic on account of millions of dollars in back taxes that the government claims he owes them. When asked for his defense the Nickoslavian leader stated, "I don't know what you're getting at. We are not violating US policy. You call them taxes, I call them tariffs. This is outrageous."

NNN and the Nickoslavian flag are registered trademarks of Nickoslavian News Network, Inc. Co., © 2000.

     w2.4mg.com NOW HAS A MASCOT! Oh joy.

Look, it's Chester. He's an ever lovin' furball that just delights in turning up his nose at everything. Finally w2.4mg.com has a PR spokesman.

Anyway, he'll be hanging around here for a while, and maybe he'll throw in a few of his opinions on the go. Then again, maybe he's just a cheap trick to get more hits... but that would be giving too much away.

Chester the cat is a registered trademark of w2.4mg.com, © 2000.


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