Sometimes you just can't hold it in anymore

     THEN ANIMOV IS TRULY DEAD One of our greatest fears realized.

Animov - Anime Movie Ratings Weekly
Destroyed by Pokémon?
Well, I guess it's official, Animov - Anime Movie Ratings Weekly has gone the way of the dinosaur. Their last rating, the deplorable Pokémon -The First Movie on November 17th was, apparently, their swan song.

Pokémon?! How crappy is that?!

As if the above revelation wasn't bad enough, the webmaster of Animov has opted to take his turn milking the Pokémon cash cow. Instead of standing by such groundbreaking material that was Anime Movie Ratings, he has instead decided to do the HTML for Ibutsu.com exclusively.

By partnering with the Japanese craze that has swept most parts of the world, Branden has knowingly shunned the entire internet community by, as he puts it, "...spend[ing] most of my time..." working on Pokémon propaganda.

News of Branden's sellout to Nintendo/Wizards of the Coast is probably not far behind as he has become another part of the conspiracy. I wouldn't be surprised if http://ibutsu.lycos.com wasn't in the works.

However, all of the above problems could be avoided, maybe even dismissed as fake news, if only Animov would update sometime this millennium. Hint, hint.

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     I CAN TAKE THE MADNESS NO MORE! The Westmont website must be rewritten!

Westmont High School
A distinct word in the English language goes through my mind when I think of the Westmont webpage. One little word. A single syllable with only three letters.
That word, my friends, is why.

Why must the internet community be appaled by such an attrocity that is the Westmont webpage? Why is this horrid piece of garbage still on the web? How could anyone have ever thought this looked good? By now your prying eyes must have scanned over the picture to the right. And perhaps you're beginning to realize exactly what I'm talking about. If you're not, then I invite you to follow this link. But please, try to aim any projectile vomitting away from your monitor.
Westmont High School

I would assume that the "Westmont webmasters" used their extensive knowledge of color theory and breathtaking command of HTML syntax to determine that the best way to display the school colors is... mix 'em! I can almost hear their inspired conversation, "Red and black aren't the greatest webpage colors, so how 'bout maroon?"

The only redeeming factor of this obvious optical obstruction (try to say that three times fast) is the image on the top bar that looks like it was made by Branden. I grabbed it, cleaned it up a bit, and am now going to use it to represent Westmont in all my further rants.

     CONGRATULATIONS! You made it through!

Y2K Bug?
Apparently we all lived through the journey into the big 2000. All I can say is, praise the Lord and pass the water jug cause there's lots of this stuff to go around. Here at my house/compound we remembered to be fully prepared for any Y2K bugs by buying four five gallon jugs of water, water, water. Well, we just wanted to survive come the "new millennium" (it's in quotes because it hasn't really been one thousand years, learn to count) and I guess that means we need something to drink.

Yet somehow I feel cheated. The world was supposed to go through a climactic change of utter mayhem and destruction at the onset of the infamous Y2K. What happened? Where are the Russian nukes and terrorist shellings that we were all expecting? How can Osama bin Laden have done nothing last night and still call himself an Islamic Fundamentalist without blushing?

Ah well, maybe next year.

     MOZILLA NOT ALL IT'S CRACKED UP TO BE Organization shuns low memory market.

At one time only the lowly mascot for the Netscape web browser, Mozilla has grown into its own product sometime earlier this year. Although the designers are certainly taking their sweet time in developing it, Mozilla is reportedly supposed to be a wonderous feat of open source brilliance showcasing a beautiful marriage of programming excellence and HTML accuracy. The first web browser that is built correctly, from the ground up.

However, this is just not so.

Personal experience with this product has simply given me a reason to take off running in the other direction. My problems started as soon as the download finished from the Mozilla website. I unzipped the file and the madness began.
Ice, ice, baby...

The silly face of Mozilla stared at me as I double-clicked the .exe file. My machine sat still for at least two minutes, busily crunching numbers. It was here that I began to get annoyed. Even IE starts up quicker than this, I thought. And, without a splash screen to gaze at in dumbfounded wonder, I began to become a bit impatient.

Finally, and without warning, the Mozilla web browser took over my desktop and sat in front of my face. At last I was able to click on the address bar. And then I realized... nothing was happening. My computer was straining its 16MB's to the limit as it tried to squeeze a bit of performance out of this Mozilla monster.

The final straw came when I remembered that Mozilla is far from the leader of acurate HTML display (face it, Opera's the greatest). In fact, this very site, when viewed in Mozilla, would have strange white lines on the right side of each of my tables. While not a huge problem, it was just another reminder of the incident I like to call "My Mozilla Mistake."

w2.4mg.com is dedicated to making sure that no one else falls in this trap. If you're getting tired of the evils of Internet Explorer and the quirkiness of Netscape, the only safe alternative is the grand open plains of Opera Software. Do yourself a favor.

Microsoft, IE, and Internet Explorer are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation, © 1999. Netscape and Mozilla are registered trademarks of Netscape, © 1999. Opera is registered trademark of Opera Software, © 1999.

     NINTENDO PROJECT DOLPHIN SPECS I got tired of looking all over for them.

Nintendo Dolphin is Coming

Additional Information:

The combined video technology will later appear in other consumer electronic devices to be marketed under Matsushita's Panasonic brand.

Nintendo promises quick access time comparable to a silicon cartridge.

Manufacturing cost and time will be minimal.

DVD movie playback capability is planned for the future (Matsushita-branded Dolphin machines in Japan).

S3 texture compression technology.
CPU: IBM Gekko Processor (an extension of the IBM Power PC architecture) System Clock: 400 MHz
The Gekko
The Gekko

System Memory: High-speed DRAM technology

Memory Bus Bandwidth: 3.2 GB/second

Semiconductor Process: 0.18 Micron Copper Technology

Graphics: Custom Chip designed by ArtX, Inc. of Palo Alto, CA

Clock Speed: 200MHz

Semiconductor Processor: 0.18 Micron embedded DRAM technology

Maximum Polygon Rate: Unknown

Software Medium: Proprietary DVD

Enhanced counterfeit protection

Maximum capacity: 4.7 GB

Courtesty of


"Gekko" and IBM are registered trademarks of IBM, © 1999. IGN.com is a registered trademark of Snowball.com Inc., © 1999. Matsushita and Panosonic are registered trademarks of Matsushita Corporation, © 1999. Nintendo and "Project Dolphin" are registered trademarks of Nintendo Ltd., © 1999. Japan is a registered trademark of Japan, © 1999.


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