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     PAST POSTINGS OF W2News.com

Past Postings

SEPT. 1 2000 (32nd post) - Branden enjoys watching car crashes; Westmont's evils revisted; 128 megs of pure love and affection; Nintendo³.

AUG. 20 2000 (31st post) - TSC collapses; Mailbag pours out; Magic Manufacturing mayhem; new computer for McSneer.

JUL. 18 2000 (30th post) - Guy Cox weighs in; MagicMfg industries incorporated... or something like that; IGN64 doesn't have very good graphic artists; W3C sucks anyway.

JUL. 7 2000 (29th post) - "Branden" confesses; Fascists hate the 4th; Starship Troopers-n-stuff.

JUN. 26 2000 (28th post) - 28th Post Spectacular!; Nintendo for the Japs; RareWare makes another winner, Mr. Pants; McSneer was right; Ibutsu spammer confesses.

JUN. 24 2000 (27th post) - The Sith Council causes giddiness; "Get a Job"; Nick lives; The Sith Council can't take a joke.

JUN. 21 2000 (26th post) - Hawaii blown away; Frederf on religion; Frederf on holiday; A couple new affiliates.

JUN. 17 2000 (25th post) - W2News.com: The New Class' ratings drop; Squick attacks, yet again; The end of Westmont's reign of terror; Branden forgets his car again.

JUN. 12 2000 (24th post) - Evils of Mindspring; Evils of Internet; Frederf's head swells, as well as his wrists; SeaLand from Slashdot; Branden fakes without finess.

JUN. 7 2000 (23rd post) - An apple a day keeps the dentist away, hopefully; Frederf's identity revealed!; Frederf's identity revealed! (wait a second...); Who is Frederf?; Westons unite!; offense numero uno.

JUN. 3 2000 (22nd post) - McSneer's high school career is heading for the sunset; Fox609 speaks; 100 word minimum; All about Ibutsu.

MAY 31 2000 (21st post) - Senior Project is finis; The last complaint generated article; The "History" of the Internet; 1000 posts... bah; Frederf returns; Frederf Strikes Back.

MAY 25 2000 (20th post) - Notepad gliches; that evil Branden; that evil Matt; soon no more Westmont...

MAY 15 2000 (19th post) - Westmont combats senioritis; W2's Web Wonders; Mega Man 64 is a reality, finally; Squick returns fresh from the third decade of the new millennium!

MAY 9 2000 (18th post) - Nickoslavia needs moolah; Jobkovich doesn't exist; Alta Vista's been beaten with an ugly stick; W2News.com finally accepted!

MAY 5 2000 (17th post) - The fifth of May Madness; Someone actually used the Submit-o-Matic!; Ibutsu goes bye-bye; Squamish competition reaches new heights.

APR. 29 2000 (16th post) - W2News.com is mine!; Westmont has gone too far this time; Ibutsu even owes me money; AnimeOD.com is almost ready.

APR. 11 2000 (15th post) - Soda companies won't have the last laugh; Squick acts childish; Animov hasn't updated; Microsoft Paper Clip must die; Squick attacks.

APR. 3 2000 (14th post) - Secret police cause terror; Splash Screens Aplenty; Mozilla may survive afterall (maybe); Hotmail is evil.

MAR. 21 2000 (13th post) - Google finally wises up; Go to, I'll no more on't, Hamlet; Linux Longhairs play video games?; NickNet brand "Intelligence."

MAR. 14 2000 (12th post) - Squirtle, Pokémon Master; What's a Kennewick?; Westmont's at it again; PS2 sucks.

FEB. 24 2000 (11th post) - My First PSX Game; My First PSX; I wrote a poem; Ibutsu hacked!

FEB. 13 2000 (10th post) - Senior Project rears its ugly head; Mozilla rears its ugly head; Slashdot rears its ugly head; JewNet doesn't rear its ugly head.

FEB. 9 2000 (9th post) - Israel blows stuff up; Westmont rebels against California regime; Nickoslavians on the run; Iced Coffee not just a great beverage any more.

FEB. 3 2000 (8th post) - Earth plummets toward catastrophic end; The Guide to Squick; Squick again; Prop. 29 controversy.

JAN. 29 2000 (7th post) - Westmont again; Gore digs in to the competion; Nickoslavian capital building exposed; Ladies and Gentlemen... Chester the Cat!

JAN. 19 2000 (6th post) - Westmont destroys Government; USMC rampage continues; MLA can't have my contractions; The Nintendo 64 spectrum.

JAN. 8 2000 (5th post) - The possible demise of Animov; Worthless Wastemont Webpage; Y2K Bug Spent New Years on Holiday; My Mozilla Mistake.

DEC. 25 1999 (4th post) - Merry Christmas; Y2K looms ever closer; W3C in the same basket as WTO; JewNet loves BeOS.

DEC. 15 1999 (3rd post) - Hallmark coupons; NASA screws up; the truth about Kwanzaa.

DEC. 4 1999 (2nd post) - US/Nickoslavia problems; N64 starts to wane; Pokémon's evils; Drano is Drano.

NOV. 22 1999 (1st post) - iMac vs. eMachine; the Case of Nickoslavia vs. Microsoft; USMC on the rampage.

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